Chic Watches for the College Student

I honestly wear watches ALL the time in college.  Some of the classrooms at my school don’t have clocks, and I always like keeping track of the time during class.  It’s really hard for me to find watches  that complement all of the jewelry I wear each day, but I have found one that I am literally never going to take off!!


Jord has a countless amount of unique staple watches that you can wear through every season.  They have different colors, engravings, and the watch comes in this gorgeous wooden case.

I received the Cassia Walnut and Vintage Rose watch that had Kate Michelle engraved on the back.  I have been getting so many compliments from my friends and classmates, because the watch looks so chic and compliments my jewelry so well.


Jord has a style and fit for everyone, and the classic piece is very durable so it will last awhile.  They are perfect as gifts, and for me personally, I think every college student should have one.  Sometimes you don’t have your phone (or it dies!), and need to know what time it is.  I truly love how my watch looks against my other bracelets, and wear it everyday.


So by now you are probably wondering how can I get one of the AMAZING watches for free too?! Well, you CAN and it is so easy to enter!!

How To Get FREE Jord Watch:

1. Click this link & enter email

2. THAT’S IT!! You can get your own for free simply by entering your name and email!  So….what are you waiting for?!

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 4.33.13 PM

Wooden Wrist Watch



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