How to Keep Up with the Latest Jewelry Trends: Rocksbox

I recently partnered up with Rocksbox and it is seriously one of my favorite collaborations! They have hundreds of the latest jewelry trends online and you get sent three each month.  You get to create a wishlist and rank your favorites in order which is such a cool feature.

This month I received: Perry Street Fringe Earrings, Wilde Earrings, and this stunning Sophie Harper Layered Necklace that I am in loveee with!


I had the best time styling these pieces with different outfits, and got so many compliments when I was out.

How It Works

Basically how the subscription works is you receive three new pieces of jewelry every month for $21, and you can keep them until you are ready to send them back and get new ones.

You can purchase whatever pieces you like for an amazing price and then send the others back so a stylist can choose your next pieces.

You get a $21 credit every month to buy the pieces you like which is the best part!!


Okay here is the best part…YOU GET A FREE MONTH ON ME!!

Use this link to sign up:

Put in code at SIGNUP: KATEDBFF24

OR thepreppytravelerxoxo at CHECKOUT

I’m seriously struggling to pick which piece I want to use my credit on this month.  Leaning toward the green tassel earrings but also love the gold necklace….I guess we’ll see which one wins!

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 4.33.13 PM



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