Life Savers for College Dorms

Dorm rooms in college can very stressful. You have to figure out what you really need and then decide decorations, color coordinating with your roommate, etc.  I know I literally started looking for decorations for my room as soon as I got my room mate.  Some people completely matched every decoration, frame, and bed spread with their roommate, but we didn’t do that.  We each made our side of the room reflect our personalities which I really liked.

FullSizeRender 4
This is Jaclyn (my roommate) on the right!

1. Loft Your Bed

If you are like me and almost always overpack, deciding what to bring was a difficult task.  I kept thinking “Well what if I need this for a themed party?” “What if I don’t bring this dress and there is a fancy event?”  What helped me immensely was lofting my bed.  I knew I was going to pack wayyy more than I needed (always have to be prepared haha!) so lofting my bed gave me so much extra space.  Lofting my bed was such a last minute decision but ended up being amazing.  It allowed me to have more space, not have a ton of people on my bed all the time, and create a space underneath for me to hang out which I’ll talk about in the next point!

2. Get a Yogibo

Okay, I cannot emphasize this point enough.  Honestly, if I had to only choose one piece of furniture, it would be the infamous Yogibo.  I put the Yogibo under my bed and literally lived in it (so did my friends LOL).  After I finished my work that’s where I would go to watch TV, and it’s literally the most comfortable thing ever.  It really came in handy, especially when friends would sleep over.  I got the Midi size which was perfect.  Although it is a little expensive, it’s soooo worth the money and you will never be able to live without one again!!


3. Invest in Scout Storage Boxes

I received these as part of a graduation gift and they were so practical and stylish.  I got the pink striped ones that matched my room, but they have multiple patterns/colors.  It made moving in so much easier because everything was already packed in the bins, so all we had to do was put them in a spot.  They have both medium and large ones, but I did the large because I needed to fit so much in.  I even used one of them as a table next to my Yogibo as you can see above.  The best part?  You can get them monogrammed!!


4. Use Redbubble for Wall Prints

When I’m bored I normally browse redbubble stickers and add a bunch to my cart in case I ever need more.  When I was searching for wall decor, I noticed that redbubble sold photo prints in numerous sizes.  For a very reasonable price you can order your prints, and then go to A.C. Moore, Target, or TJ Maxx to find frames.


5. Take Advantage of Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Bed, Bath, and Beyond is the gold mine of college shopping.  They have general college checklists and even personal ones for each school.  I think I did 99% of my shopping there.  Also, if you go to school far away they have a service where you can have everything you order ready at the closest Bed, Bath, and Beyond to your school.  Seriously, check out their college page online.  It will probably have those little items that you didn’t even think about.

I got my Bedding, Pillows, and Blankets all from Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Hope you enjoyed reading and got some tips!

Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 4.33.13 PM.png


4 thoughts on “Life Savers for College Dorms

  1. Your dorm looks adorable!! So inventive in creating space when it really limited when sharing a room.

    megan |

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