Warby Parker: New Collection Review

So if you haven’t already heard… Warby Parker just released their new gorgeous line on March 20th!

I am obsessed with how elegant and classic their pieces are, and already have a full cart online.  The made-in-Japan collection are all hand-finished with such precise detail.  You can obviously tell how carefully crafted the pieces are just by scrolling through their website.


Part of what really drew me into their collection was the color palette they used.  My absolute favorite lenses were the ones that were in Rose Gold.  I could really style that color up or down depending on the outfit.  I love how chic that color is, and especially love how it looks on the Lilly frame.  The collection also includes some of my wardrobe color staples, such as Black, Gold, and Silver.  Warby Parker created four unique  styles, so you are almost guaranteed to find one that fits and flatters your face shape.

Some of my favorite style/color combinations from the Maker Edition.

  1.                  cf634f616eb390b5c18368c1ff3f017e1530330e

                                              Lilly in Rose Gold

  2. WP-Fields-2306-Eyeglasses-Angle-A2-sRGB

                                        Fields in Carbon

  3. WP-Newland-2403-Eyeglasses-Angle-A2-sRGB

                                       Newland in Gold

  4. WP-Hawthorne-2102-Eyeglasses-Angle-A3-sRGB

                           Hawthorne in Black Ink

  5. WP-Newland-2152-Eyeglasses-Angle-A2-sRGB

                       Newland in Polished Silver

    What were some of your favorites from the new collection?!


(all images from Warby Parker)


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