Spring Break Travel Diary

FINALLY Spring….Break!!!

I went to Florida and got some warm weather before heading back to school in Richmond.  I also got to see all of my family and eat some food that was not from my dining hall!!

Day 1:

The first night in Florida we went to Malio’s Steakhouse  which was AMAZING!!! They also have vegetarian options (which is what I got!) so don’t stray away if you don’t eat meat.  It is more of an upscale restaurant so I would recommend it for a nicer event.

Pictured below are some appetizers we ordered to share:

House made potato chips and lobster mac and cheese


Day 2:

I slept in until noon this day so we got a little of a late start.  We went to one of my favorite places for breakfast/lunch called Fresh Start.  We had been a few times in Arizona and were so excited to go to it!

I ordered the chia seed pudding and salted peanut butter toast!  We also shared the rainbow toast (pictured below) that was so good!!


It was a little cooler than usual in Florida so we decided to drive to St. Petersburg and walk around there.  It was so beautiful and there were so many eclectic stores in the town.

I wore my new American Eagle Ruffle Pants and matching Tube Top (sold out, similar one linked).  I LOVE this outfit because I can dress it up and down as you can see in the pictures.  For the night, I simply changed my shoes, put my hair up, added some earrings and lipstick, and was ready in 10 minutes!!!


That night we went to one of my favorite restaurants, Ocean Prime.


Day 4 & 5:

This day I ordered some room service and relaxed at the hotel.  Later, I met up with my Uncle and cousins at the Blue Jays Stadium. We just relaxed at the stadium the next day too.


Day 6:

All of my family arrived in Clearwater today!!  It was so fun seeing everyone and getting dinner that night.  We stayed at the Opal Sands Hotel which was beautiful.


Day 7:

We rented some cabanas by the pool this day.  That night we had a fancier dinner to celebrate my Grandfather’s birthday.  Of course, I wore my Lilly dress (Colby Silk Tunic).


Hope you enjoyed hearing about my Spring Break trip!! How did you spend yours?






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