Sorority Big/Little Reveal

As I wrote about in a previous post, I received a Bid from Tri Delta (Woot woot!) and have been so excited!!  I have met a ton of new girls, both in my pledge class and older ones.  One of the unique things Tri Delta does is that you get your Big very early on.  They have a week of Delta Dating and then you start to receive gifts from your Big shortly after.

Day 1:

I started to receive text messages from a fake phone number from my Big this day.  She started to give me hints that I later found out were all fake!

We went to the cottage that night and had our first round of gifts waiting for us!


Day 2:

I had been texting back and forth with my Big and found out that we knew each other and had talked before.  I was trying to match up all of the clues she was giving me with girls I knew in the Sorority but nothing was matching up so I gave up!


Day 3:

I was literally dying to know who my Big was at this point.  She kept telling me to guess who it was, and I made guesses based off of the fake clues she gave me so they were all wrong!


Day 4:

This was the last day of gifts before reveal, so my Big was decorating my room!  Most of the girls in my Pledge class went to the cottage, watched Mamma Mia, and baked cookies while our sneaky Bigs were in our rooms!


Day 5:

I had class until 5:45 and reveal was supposed to be at 5:30 across campus so I had to leave early and sprint there!

All of our Bigs wore matching socks and were holding blankets in front of them and their family so we could see the feet and stand in front of our Bigs.  They counted down and at 1 all of the Bigs dropped the sheet and we got to see them!  I was so excited about who my Big was, and my Big Big was actually my RhoGamma which was so fun!


Hope you enjoyed hearing about my Big reveal!



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