A Day in My Life using ~Kahootie~

I recently became a Kahootie Co College Ambassador and COULD NOT be more excited!! I love their brand so much and all of the products they have are super cute! I wanted to show you all how I stay organized with my stylish weekly schedule!



I always start the week off with my planner organized so I feel ready to conquer the week.


 I set my alarm and normally get ready right after it goes off.  I pick my outfits out the night before so it saves a little time.


This class is my earliest, but will be over soon! It’s a required Wellness course that we need to take to graduate.  I normally stop at our coffee shop at 8:15 (ironically it’s called 8:15 too) and then go to class.


I think it’s very important to start the day off with breakfast so I go to the dining hall right after class to get something to eat.


I have Interpersonal Communications M/W.  I am planning on double majoring in Communications and Leadership, so I wanted to take this class to make sure I like Communications enough to major in it!


I then have to sprint to the other side of campus (up hills, the struggle is real!!) for my Spanish class that I have seven times a week!!  After this semester I will be officially done with my language requirement, so I just need to make it through!


After class I meet my friends for lunch at the dining hall (or as we call it Dhall).  We normally stay for 45 minutes to an hour depending on how much we want to procrastinate doing our work (LOL).


When I get back to my room I normally write in my planner all of my goals for the day.  I normally try to get the work done for the classes I had earlier if I’ve already finished the assignments for the next day.



Depending on my amount of work, I try to make it to the gym M/W before dinner.  The gym is literally the farthest place from my dorm so I normally try to go with a friend so they can motivate me to walk there.  M/W they have spin class which I love.


On our way back to the dorm we stop at Dhall for dinner before getting back to work. #studious


I have New Member Meetings for my Sorority on Mondays and Fridays so I try to get some work done before I go.


Intramural Sports season started with Basketball, so after our meeting we head over to the Gym to play/cheer our sisters on!


I always shower before bed and if I have time watch a show (or more) and plan out my day for the following day.  If anyone has any show recommendations let me know!


I try to get in bed by 11:30 at the latest on school nights, but it normally takes me awhile to fall asleep.


Hope you enjoyed hearing about a day in my life and seeing how much I rely on my Kahootie planner!  It seriously keeps me on top of everything since I can plan my days hour by hour.  Make sure to check out their site and see all the must-have products for the ~organizational~ gal!




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