Valentine’s Gifts: BFF Edition

Valentine’s Day is the time of year where you show the people you care about in your life that you love them!  That could be family, your significant other, or my favorite–YOUR BFFS!!

I hope this post will give you some ideas about cute little gifts you can give your BFF(s)!


1. Something Amazing Holographic Box Sign 

This adorable piece of decor from Francesca’s retails at $14. It’s the perfect piece to give your BFF for their room/dorm!


2. Bucket List Box

This cute box is also from Francesca’s and is currently not available, but I linked one that is almost identical.  You can give it to your friend as a gift to do together, or just for them!   PLUS it’s only $11!!!

3. Lilly Pulitzer Ceramic Coasters

I love this coaster set, and the box can be used as decoration in you room/dorm!  This is such a practical and stylish gift for your Lilly loving BFF.  It retails at $32.

4. Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Bonus Pack

This item is perfect for both a college friend and high school friend.  The original one pictured sold out but an almost identical one is linked.  You can honestly never have enough school supplies (and Lilly!).  This item retails at $24.

5. Rose Gold Metallic Sheet Mask

This is one of my all time favorite sheet masks that literally made my skin glow as soon as I took it off.  I walked downstairs and my whole family said they had never seen my skin look so good!  AND it’s only $3 so you can get a few for you and your friend!

I hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day BFF Gift Edition post!





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