Cape May Adventures (and Shopping!)

Feeling the sun stream down on your back, guitar music lingering in the air as you walk down the street, and the sweet smell of ice cream are some of my favorite memories from our day trip to Cape May.

First we decided to go shopping when we got to Cape May. I found this adorable place called Cash and Clive that I fell in love with! Their prices were a bit high, but I still decided to buy this cute (and super soft) top by Sincerely Jules.

Then we went to Congress Hall Hotel for drinks before lunch.  The view was absolutely stunning! My top is from Island Gypsy (in Ocean City, NJ and they don’t have a site!), my bottoms are Lucky Jeans, my shoes are Tory Burch Miller Sandal, my purse and bracelets are Kate Spade, and my sunglasses are Quay.

After lunch we decided we needed something sweet so we stopped into Louisa’s chocolate shop.  They had EVERY kind of chocolate bar you could ever want! From bacon bits to Smore’s, there was something for everyone.

Then of course we did some more shopping and I got a Vineyard Vines hat and these two cute choker necklaces from a local store in Cape May!

If anyone needs any recommendations about good places to eat, shop, or just enjoy the view you can ask me in the comments below! Hope you all enjoyed 🙂


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